Thanks Automatch Consulting!

I began my search for a car over 6 months ago, during that time I thought I had narrowed down my choice.

I had always wanted to own a car from one of Ze Germans but was always worried about maintenance. I told myself if I ever were to get one it'd have to be CPO.

Never once in my life had I ever considered leasing. Then after enlisting Tom from Automatch's services he cleared a few things up. And since I only drive less than 100 miles a week, leasing became an increasingly interesting option. I ran the numbers time and time again on financing a $20k vehicle with the idea that I would sell it after 3 years max and leasing still offered me more car for the money.


So I ended up with a 2014 Mercedes C300 in Palladium! So far it's been an amazing car and has everything I want in a car and more. It's my first car after driving several family vehicles over the years and I am in love.

Here she is:

Now all I need is an Oppo vinyl and I'm complete!

Have a bubble for your trouble:


I already have 2 after only 4 days of ownership that has to be a new record :'( these tires that come with the car are pretty crappy anyway. I was planning on getting something geared towards performance just not this soon!

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