I just found out today that the Wrangler is available with a motor assisted 2.0t engine. That’s neat. I went to a Jeep forum to see if they are any good.

One potential owner was asking for experiences of actual owners. The first page was pretty decent. Mostly actually owners replying with their experiences. Then came some non-owner’s opinions, and by the end of the second page it had broken down to a few people fighting, shit talking, and basically being children.

So thanks Oppos thanks for not being a bunch of children. I know Oppo isn’t perfect people still do occasionally get into arguments. I’ve been involved in some of them. But I think in general most of us try to avoid it, rather than seeking it out.


So Thanks for knowing when to just not replay. Thanks for minding your words. Thanks for trying to be polite. You’re all the best.

As a reward here’s an oddly clean old Audi. The design of these late 80s early 90s Audi’s is kind of refreshing. Yeah it’s a bit dull, but it’s also so simple yet handsome. In comparison to a lot of complicated modern designs it just looks clean. Also look at all that glass. 

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