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Thanks for the advice

This is a photo of the cashiers check I turned over from selling that other house. I’m sad to part with with this much money (taking it out of the equity line of credit from my own house). But this is my best option to move forward and put focus on my own house and family.

To celebrate we are going camping and shooting guns and having country fun this weekend.


This is the first house I sold and it was a loss. I do realize that lots of other people lost way more money from the ‘08 housing crash.

I was a few days away from calling my bank to turn it over and asking opinions here lead me to decide I should just put money into it myself, keep my credit good and sell it myself. My neighbor was helping my wife and suggested I called or talk to a guy she knew of that flips houses, and after a few “webuyuglyhouses.com” people and showing it off to people who were telling me I’m screwed I didn’t have high hopes. I explained over the phone the house and he mentioned 90. I didn’t believe it and told home to come look at it before he makes an offer. He says he flips about 40 houses a year and what I had may be what he is looking for.

I got a text later that week that 90 was good and we exchanged emails and I started signing papers. I promised to “get all my shit out” so they could have a clean slate to start with. I did my part and signed more papers today, It is done.

Thanks for listening and being good humans. Here is the 44 Magnum I need to sight in this weekend along with a new $30 scope for my 10/22 ( which during this writing got delivered by UPS, and I mounted it. Uhh overcompensating a bit?)


Should Be a fun weekend

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