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Thanks for the email. How am I supposed to go on with my life?

Serious post time.

My 11 year old’s school sent an email out that there was a threat of a school shooting today. Then a follow up 5min later saying that the police determined that it isn’t a credible threat.


When my son got off the bus today he told me that there was a fight in another 5th grade classroom where one of the kids got hurt and the police (they have 2 officers who work at the school full time) came in. Apparently they didn’t let the other kids back into the room afterwards and those kids went home without their books etc. The school didn’t address that with the other kids in the school, but I’d imagine that is how a rumor got started, and that ultimately ended up in the email from the Principal.

How are parents supposed to process this? I’m on my way to do my annual recurrent training for my airline where I’ll spend the next 3 days in sims and classrooms keeping myself, crew and my passengers from virtually dying. I can’t tell my wife that I want to keep him home forever, and I can’t have him see that our response to any threat is to run and hide.


Fuck. I feel nauseous.

Here’s a picture of Jake enjoying a ride in my 4Runner the other day for your time.

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