Look guys, I appreciate that you are trying to improve things. Nobody thinks "hey, I'll just screw up things and chase away users". I get that there is a purpose to the making the change. I think you missed the mark with the image handling.

The images are so small that they no longer say a thousand words. They no longer enhance the look of the page. They no longer encourage a click-through. So, since you have images and not just a pure text design, I suggest you rethink the image sizes.

Since this is a limited to no ad site, I'm guessing that Gawker media would like to generate click-thru numbers to be able to sell to advertisers in the future. This new format issue is limiting my click-thru behavior. I'm doing more scanning and less deep diving.

No, I don't loathe you. No, I'm not calling you names. I just think you were trying to fix one thing and ended up breaking another.