So, as many of you know, the good folks in Toledo still haven’t figured out how to build Jeeps. Two days before our roadtrip, I start getting evap codes accompanied by a strong smell of fuel vapor near the rear passenger wheel. I figure it isn’t the gas cap, so I climb under her for a gander.

One of the nipples coming off the top of the gas tank had cracked and broken off. The evap line connected to this nipple is too short and is constantly pulling on the brittle plastic. It is also right under a brake line which I’m sure pushes on it while applying the brakes. Surprisingly (not) I’m not the first person to have this problem. Unfortunaly Jeep doesn’t sell that little white cap, so you’re forced to buy the whole tank. Even with a new tank the problem persists. I don’t have time for a complete fix, so I went to my neighborhood hardware store and grabbed a little water line connector, bridged the broken area, and surrounded the joint in epoxy.

It has been two days and about 150 miles without another code so I think I’m good for now. I was able to do all this without dropping the tank, so that was nice. After our trip I’ll replace the line with a longer one.