Had a phone call with my mom (whose favorite car is an early 2000s monte carlo SSin red...) after posting about the new job offer. I forgot that my mom negotiates purchasing deals for a living (used to be a senior buyer at GM...) so she gave me some great advice how to go about with this. And I am going to proceed with the new job. HOWEVER!

1) I am asking if we can meet in the middle. There is a 5k difference between what I want and what they offer. If we meet in the middle, that more than covers the added cost of the commute (after taxes) so then it becomes a solid pay raise. Currently, assuming I invest as much in retirement as I am now, this job sees me bring home 250$/mo more. But that 2.5k will bring it up to ~400 or so after taxes. Not insignificant!


2) I want to know more about the city taxes for working and living in that area. I pay double taxes right now since I live and work in the city. Working out there eliminates one half of my city tax.

3) I want some general information on the goals - is it products developed? Is it costs reduced? How will I be measured? This also gives me a better understanding of what they expect of me and makes it easier to say yes/no.

Thanks for all the advice everyone! I hope to be there by the 4th of June if everything checks out!

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