Weird place for an OBDII port but okay VW I guess you know what you’re doing

I’m driving about 500 miles this weekend, so I figured I ought to do a scan and see what was broken. Thankfully, I’m still only at 5 CEL codes!

This batch is as follows:

P0134- B1S1 O2 sensor no activity- known problem, I will do nothing.

P0341 (intermittent)- camshaft position sensor bad signal- this car has no such sensor, it’s actually the hall effect sensor on the distributor. Known problem, I have a replacement distributor, but have yet to replace it. I will when it gets worse.

P0133 (intermittent)- B1S1 O2 sensor circuit slow response- see P0134.

P1128 (intermittent)- manifold absolute pressure sensor signal lower than expected- could be a bad sensor, could be a vacuum pressure issue, who knows, it’s whatever.


P0102 (intermittent)- MAF circuit low. I should probably clean the MAF sensor. I won’t. It’s probably related to the CAI that’s installed.

There are a bunch of things I could easily do to rectify most, if not all, of these, but... it’s whatever. 22 year old car. VW doing VW stuff. I did, however, add an Oppo bump.


Kinja won’t let me crop it correctly and I couldn’t get the whole hatch in the shot because someone parked right on my bumper. Use your imagination.