I wanted to put a picture here that had nothing to do with car dealers and the best I could find was this one. That's me in the middle with two members of Def Leppard, and two DJs from a radio station in Flint, MI. I'd explain but who has that kind of time?

Now: On to the podcast. I've noticed that whenever I tell true stories of the crazy - often evil - things car dealers do, I get very strong reactions. The typical readers love the stories while car sellers go nuts. It's an interesting reaction. And the podcast I did on Bad Dealer Horror Stories is - to date - the most-played podcast episode of Lehto's Law. So, I give you More Bad Dealer Horror Stories:

I have noted before that not all car dealers are bad - it's like any profession in that a handful of bad apples can cliche' cliche' etc.

Still, some will take it personally. Not a lot I can do about that. Again, all of these stories are 100% true.


And as always, thanks for listening.