The town that I cal home is passing a truly devastatingly sad moment with all the drug dealers fighting for territory. 2 Gangs called the Zs and the Gulf Cartel have been shooting at each other, destroyed restaurants and nightclubs owned by the gangmen, and left corpses of the men of the opposite side at random parts of the city.

My brother has 14 and I take him to a class at 4 PM and go for him at 6 PM. It has always been like that. This day though the time changed one hour later From 5 to 7. There wasn't an apparent reason of why the teacher told us that, other than personal stuff, so we just took him at that time.


When I went for him at 7PM , there were 7 Federales trucks full of soldiers and some other 20 on the area the F-150s surrounded. This was 2 block away from the place I went for my brother, and his teacher came to me and said to be careful. Not more than an hour ago, s truck went by and shot a man down that was walking to his home.

I left thinking, if the hours of pickup would've been the same, I could've witnessed the assassination of a gang men. If you want a photo of the dead guy (yes, its that easy to find) I can put it in the comments.

Damn was I lucky.