So the wife's TDI sportwagen is headed back to the dealer...again. This is its third visit since the HPFP exploded.

The second time was this Saturday, after I got it back (Friday) I drove it all day and put it through its paces. I went to go fill it up (still a 1/4 full) and noticed a whine that sounded like a fuel pump. I thought "hmm, that sucks, but so far it hasn't done anything wrong". On the way from the gas station to the house I gave a few hard pulls through 3rd and RIGHT before I got home I was pulling in 2nd at WOT and around 4000 rpm I get warning lights and my power goes bye bye. I limped home but full power felt like pulling a 5000 lbs trailer up hill with the cruiser.

Take it back, and they pull the code of "low fuel pressure". My wife also tells me "oh, I forgot to tell you I've been hearing this whine and sometimes its hard to start." Thanks Honey for letting me know. Anyway, they check it out and find...surprise...nothing.

I pick it back up, and the noise is gone. good I thought, maybe when they pulled the filter the second time they put it back together right. So, more hard pulls just to be sure and before long the whine returns. I pull it into the driveway, pop the hood and sure enough

The whine is back (ignore the clatter of the diesel and listen for the vibration/rattle). When I turned it off and then tried to restart, it took 2-3 times as long and felt like it wasn't getting enough fuel. Also, when I parked it in the garage it stunk up my whole garage with diesel fuel. My guess is the low pressure pump is just faulty. Its back in today, waiting to see what happens next.