We ( the Jalopnik/Drive/Oppo Community) just wanted to say thank you to all who are involved in giving us such great motoring content.

I know the page views and sourcing all add to the bottom line. But sometimes a good ole fashion "thank you" in writing for the world to see is nice, especially when its as deserved as much as it is, in this case. Personally, after such an awesome 2013. I just wanted to say thanks guys.

I implore all who enjoy the sites and their affiliates to take a minute and share your appreciation.


Thanks to all those who make it happen.

Matt Hardigree


JF Musial

Travis okulski


Jason Torchinsky

Patrick George


Máté Petrány

Raphael Orlove


Chris Harris


Matt Farah

Larry Kosilla



Leo Parente


...Spinelli (when the spin doctors were cool)

and to the rest behind the camera and in the editing, writing, and development rooms


We Thank You!

You made it happen.

You too Brian! Thx

Authors Note: A lot of people are going to be off tomorrow...lets try and get this on best of OPPO so it makes jalopnik! show their Gawker parents how good the boys with their toys are doing!