... make the rear seating a bit more generous?

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Volkswagen have finally bowed to pressure from Australia and given our market a base spec Amarok V6 TDI dual cab with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Apparently, this is specific to our market alone and will not be offered elsewhere.


Towing capacity has been dropped to 3000 kilograms (down from 3500 kg) and the engine has been detuned by 50 torques. By way of compensation, the driveline gets a mechanical rear diff lock and part time 4x4 with a low range transfer case (all the autos are full time 4x4). Locking the rear diff drops the ABS and stability control into a more soporific state too.

Pricing is AU$50,000 plus on roads.

Now that VW Oz are also offering factory supported chassis extensions (either 300 or 650mm) for the Amarok, it could come back into our consideration. An extra 650mm of flatbed tray length would be very useful...at a cost though (another twenty grand!)

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