What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

it’s a known fact that German car makers put cupholders low on their priority list. 8/10 they are an after thought. 9/10 they dont work as intended, and sometimes they aren’t even trying. like this.

this is the back seat of a 2015 X5. what was a 55-60,000 dollar SUV(this one is even the most expecive 35d), that is now a 30,000 dollar SUV, and that THING is supposed to be a cup holder. Now front cub holders being an after thought kinda makes sense. when you’re in the front seat you should be engaged in the driving experience even as a co-pilot, according to the Germans. But this is back seat, a place reserved for children, and the elderly, a place to relax, and just be along for the ride. You need a good cup holder in the back. Instead BMW gives you half asleep, unenthusiastic hand job of a cup holder. Unacceptable

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