If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

That answers our question

So... The Continental is essentially the new MKS

And that’s not a bad thing, this means that if they play their cards right and differentiate the two where it counts, and in this case it’s the interior. and if I was a reasonably wealthy businessman I would pick the Continental...If the Taurus still play’s the part of the reasonably priced family car.


I am excited, this is the return of the Taurus and Continental Pairing. And that worked on the 90’s. Let’s just see what Lincoln has in store for us. My speculation is that Lincoln will have to start with the top of the line options offered on the Taurus, meaning a 50 grand starting price. This is now Lexus and Audi territory. I think I already predicted this in another post if the Taurus is starting in the 26 grand bracket this could work.

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