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That Awkward Moment When:

A cute blonde girl knows a lot about cars and outdoes you and your simple answer. (Explanation after the jump.)

I got put into a tech class and as a way to know your classmates, we had to ask each other a short questionnaire. One question was "what is your favorite car and why?" Being an gearhead, I could have named a million things, from classic Alfas to a Volvo wagon to the Jaguar E-Type.


Since, however, I got partnered up with this cute blonde; one who didn't seem super smart (not paying any attention in class, texting, not doing homework, etc) I decided to play it cool and hide my car knowledge, since nothing is worse than being an ass to a cute girl.

So, I gave a simple, generic answer: "Lamborghinis because they are fast." She smiled and let out a small laugh, I didn't know how to take it. I then asked her the same question.

Her answer: "Umm.. its hard to choose but I'd have to go with the Pagani Huayra. (she even said it right!) Even though it is virtually impossible to get in the US since it doesn't meet our dumb safety regulations, I love that Mercedes V-12 they toss in it and the way it sounds upon startup."

It was funny because during this, all I could focus on were her eyes lighting up with excitement. She took that as me being bored and replied, "Sorry to bore you, I'm a car gal so I know about this stuff."


I quickly replied, saying that I'm also a car guy and dumbed my answer down since you didn't seem like a gearhead. She smiled, slapped my arm in that flirty way, and laughed. She then asked for my honest answer. I said that it is difficult but I love Spyker C8 and the Volvo V70R. She laughed, saying that she loved wagons too, but prefered the diesel Volvos. I swear my heart skipped a beat.

I at least got her number out of this and it taught me to not judge a book by its cover. Anyone can be a gearhead.


*I hope you enjoyed the horrible graphic.. I made it on PowerPoint and took a screenshot of it. I wish I knew Photoshop.

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