Spending an inordinate amount of time browsing Craigslist for cheap cars can really pay off. I finally sold my NB last week and managed to net myself a pretty healthy profit.

I saw the ad for this car just a few minutes after it was posted - it lacked photos and pretty much any details about the car, but from the limited information listed ('99 miata, blue, 6-speed, hardtop, $3000) I was able to deduce that the car was a 10th anniversary edition. I called the seller right away and made my way down to see the car as soon as I left work. After some skilled negotiating, I managed to talk him down to $2100. The car needed a little bit of work, but considering it included a hardtop, I couldn't turn it down.

I got the car home and promptly removed the egregiously ugly (not to mention dangerous) style bar, which I surprisingly managed to sell to some sucker for $75.

I replaced the coil pack, a known weak point on the '99-oo models, as well as the radiator which was showing signs of age. The soft top was also shot- I pulled the top from my NA and bolted it to this car since I literally never use the soft top on my NA.

Fast forward to a couple months later, and I managed to sell the car for $3800 without the hardtop. Full financial details below:

2,100.00 Purchase Price
170.00 Registration/Sales Tax
(75.00) Style Bar - Sold
73.53 Coil Pack
47.49 Radiator
12.67 Shift Boot
12.00 Steering Hub
12.00 Airbag Resistor
2,352.69 Total Invested
3,800.00 Sale Price (without hardtop)
1,447.31 Profit
700.00 Expected Hardtop Sale Price
2,147.31 Total Expected Profit


So, there you have it. Easy stuff.