Am I the only one who takes the GVWR and GAWR limits seriously? Look, I get the idea that sometimes you can go over and that the limits are conservative with a certain amount of flexibility, but every time I bring it up I get some version of "Pfffft GVRW? You mamby pampy, that's just a guide not a limit." Um, okay.

The latest installment involved someone on the FP commenting about how the fiat (ram) prototype would be downright dangerous loaded up on a wet road...a consequence of its FWD. When ask "why?" the response was that the front wheels would have no weight on them and steering and braking would be compromised. I thought to myself...wait a minute, why would a manufacture create a vehicle to carry so much weight as to create a dangerously nose high attitude? Answer; they wouldn't...that's the point of a max weight. Bottom line, up to the GVRW, its just as safe as anything on the road.

"LOL GVWR is max number for big rigs, the rest of us go higher, and make it home.......... :)"

Okay, so you overload your vehicles like its no thang, and then wonder why its scary to drive them?

Look, I get that there is a large safety factory built into a lot of things. Shackles, for example, are rated at 5:1 safety factor generally (safe working load: sheer load) but here is the long and short of it; if you overloaded a shackle at work...even a little...and it popped you are held legally responsible for whatever carnage ensues...why is it different on the road? Why are people so blase about this safe working limit?


Anyone else? or just me?