I see all kinds of stuff about 'rules' this, "bringing in new blood" by not scaring them away, making oppo more 'inviting,' making 'themes' a single mega-thread and so forth. What...the...hell.

It seems the bureaucrats are taking over. Seems like a lot of red tape that's really, dare I say, unnecessary. I mean no offense to anyone, and the intentions may be good but I ask why do we need it?

In the words of James Hunt in that movie Rush, "You're killing the sport."

I get the current rules of don't be a dick and morals and such but that's pretty much a given anywhere, here or the real world. But pandering to make it more inviting or whatever nonsense is the new trend is pointless.


I read a good article about making this place more inviting to women and children and how it isn't where it needs to be. I'm all for a more diverse commentariat but seriously?

Let's face the facts. Oppo is probably more skewed to men in its nature that men are proportionally more inclined and passionate about vehicles as a demographic. Are there woman car enthusiast? you bet you and some more hardcore than me. There are a lot of prominent women drivers that have great skill past and present.

This is my point. Women, man, man-bear...it's all the same to me. America is made up of different genders and ethnicities and at the end of the day, they are all called Americans. Oppo is the same way to me. Despite our backgrounds, we are all Oppo commentariats or authors.


I have nothing against Jezebel, but are they trying to make things more inviting for men. I'm going to lean on that answer being a no. I'm not even close to being offended at that fact because in it's nature, it's a largely female skewed site. I get that and take it for what it is. Am I going to complain or get offended. nope.

This crapshoot of anything that get's posted is what initially drew me in to the thunderdome that's Oppositelock. Got a new car, sweet! A restaurant review that you dined in while being horrible drunk? awesome!


Don't get me wrong, Oppo is by no means an exclusive club to anyone. It's a forum created by the people, for the people, governed by the people. Laissez-fare and enjoy it for what it is. Those enablers that want change, by all means achieve that change, I will not stand in the way. It's either you have a genuine interest in cars and want to take part in a passionate community or you don't. Nobody is stopping you from joining or writing but yourself, regardless of who you are. You can make all sorts of excuses to why you don't feel invited to participate but I'm pretty sure it's 99% unfounded. To all those people on the fence of becoming part of us, what's stopping you? I challenge you to jump right in, you have nothing to lose.

We don't need big brother and a nanny-state governing too much as nothing good can come out of it. I for one will stop my trending NSFW posts as some of the past articles do make a good point that it can be seen as a deterrent. Should others follow suit? Doesn't matter to me, you do what you want because like I said, Oppos a peacock chief, you got to let it fly!