The comments are priceless. Seriously.

...Not to mention I really do think there is a hint of jealousy - the freedom of the maneuverability of a two wheeled vehicle, and with bicycles the very demonstration of physical fitness and initiative some fat miserable slob in a car can’t begin to understand.

...The absurdity of this argument is such that it boggles my mind that it even exists. Quite literally no one in cars obeys traffic law. And when that law broken results in a crash, you are talking about a ~4000 lb projectile hitting something. Believe it or not, this results in over 30,000 deaths a year. That’s a fucking slaughter. How many people on 20 lb bikes kill other people in the same time frame? lol

Basically it’s like someone waving a loaded gun around, finger on the trigger, lecturing unarmed people about gun safety.