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That day kinda sucked

In Monterey for mediation. When I started handling these kinds of cases, we spent these mediations arguing about facts and law, and the merits mattered. Now, all they care about is the size of the company. I did all that I could, but we couldn’t fix the problem. But then I got in the car, and this came on the infotainment from the SD card in the glovebox slot.

It hit me hard. One year ago today I had a heart attack, and a year later I still have a long way to go but am healthier than I have been in many years. So yes, it offered me a little perspective on my shitty day.

I drove home, and as I parked for dinner at a local spot, I saw something parked outside my trainer.

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I don’t even have the coolest car at the trainer. Shit. At least I am not dead. I guess.

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