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That didn't go as planned

It was snowy. It was cold. My daughter forgot her hat, gloves, and scarf on one outing, but she was not deterred. They only accept 6% of the applicants, but my daughter has decided to apply to Columbia as one of her “reach” schools - those that you would really like to attend but aren’t likely to gain admission. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I want her to have what she wants. On the other hand, I really don’t want her to go to a school so far away in a city so much bigger than she’s used to in a place which is so liberal in its thinking.

There were lots of things she didn’t like about New York City, but she said that the campus felt a lot different. Showing her truly nerdy side, she said it was like walking into Hogwarts. :)


In better news, I had a lot of time to get reacquainted with my WRX. With all the travel I’ve been doing, I’ve had very little time to drive my own car. I get a rental for all of the commuting so I don’t have to put so many miles on the WRX. Over the past week I was reminded just how fast and nimble this little hot hatch can be. Wowza. It was fun!

I’m ramping up for another two-week stint in Houston. I’m hoping the weather is nice so next weekend will be for flying. If it takes a turn for the worse, I’ll just drive home.

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