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That doesn't look right

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I narrowly avoided disaster on my drive home yesterday from 4th of July weekend in Kentucky. I had posted a few months ago about how I had a brand new tire go completely flat while my Fiance was driving. I pumped it back up and it held pressure just fine.


Well, I’ve had a few more issues with it and have had to add air a lot more than I should. Fast forward to this weekend where I drove 900 miles round trip to Kentucky and back. No issues the whole way, except for a strange vibration at ~80 mph. I get about 30 miles from home and it goes completely flat again. As I was on a busy toll road, I hook up the air compressor to see if I can get it inflated enough to get off the highway. It held air long enough to get to the next exit, but had already lost 10 PSI over less than 2 miles.

The tire looked completely fine on the car, but once I pulled the wheel I was greeted by the picture above. I was extremely lucky to have caught this when I did because that sidewall was on the verge of a total blowout. I can’t believe I put 400+ miles on it that day in 95 degree weather. It was literally a ticking time bomb.

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