My ‘04 Forrester XT has an exhaust leak thats be getting progressively worse. Thankfully the turbo keeps things fairly quiet and I have yet to notice myself getting woozy while driving so I’ve let the leak slide for now.

Now she’s developed a bad miss at idle. If you haven’t enjoyed a flat 4 with a bad idle, let me tell you, it’s an experience... something like sitting inside a giant paint can shaker.

The partnership of the exhaust leak and the idle miss make for a rather interesting noise. Sort of mix between a big V twin and a V8 with a giant cam. Maybe I’ll leave it be and just tell people I dropped a 572 crate motor into it.

Note: I’m kidding about leaving it be. It’s at the shop now being diagnosed. I’m hoping it’s nothing more than a vacuum hose that’s cracked or popped loose.