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That ended...surprisingly well. New respect for the CR-V

I was driving my mother-in-law's Honda CR-V yesterday and had to stop very suddenly (like full-on, let the ABS do its thing, stomp the pedal and hold on tight panic stop). The vehicle behind me didn't have such lightning reflexes ... and I got rear-ended. First thought: "Oh. Well, that sucks. Better get out of traffic."

So I did, and the other driver did, and that was fine.

Here's the crazy thing: The other vehicle was a 90s Suburban with big steel bumpers. My expectation was that the CR-V would be horrendously caved-in in the back, and the Suburban would be like "did I hit something?" But when we got out to inspect the damage ... the Suburban's front bumper was significantly dented. The CR-V was unscathed. There was a tiny scuff on the lower bumper cover (which is unpainted black plastic, so you really have to look for it. And that scuff may have been there before).


New respect for the mighty CR-V! (Or maybe the Chevy's bumper had just been terribly rusted and would have succumbed to a well-placed kick)

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