As many of you have read, through a cacophony of errors I did the brake upgrade on the Miata from NA6 brakes to NA8 brakes this fourth weekend. I went to go test them and something seemed horribly wrong (grinding, thunking, wrong).

Upon inspection, I found that the rear calipers make a very slight contact with the wheel.



So do I buy reman NA6 calipers for the rear? Nope, I buy bigger wheels.

So let’s recap:

0) This was the weekend to get the Miata wheels-down for the first time since 5/20. Everything came down to just finishing the brakes so I could get an alignment and compression test.

1) I had bought a performance brake kit (rotors, pads) for an NA6 from Moss Miata but accidentally buy NA8 calipers (blinded by the allure of new vs remanufactured). I discovered this halfway through the job.

2) I say f’it and drive to NAPA Auto Parts and get NA8 pads/rotors since bigger is better and the internet says it was fit. *Somewhere in here I also broke 2 banjo bolts on the new brake lines.


3. Turns out, they almost fit in the rear but don’t. Probably because these “new” calipers aren’t quite the same as Mazda’s OEM calipers.

4. Deciding that I was probably going to ditch the 14" daisies and beat up all-seasons anyways, I buy a wheel and tire package from TireRack. Advanti Racing Storm S1 15x7 Grey with BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2's.


The new wheels won’t come until next Monday so next weekend will be a break from working on the car. I’m not thrilled about that but hey, tire mounting/shipping is a bit different than picking up a tool from Amazon.


In related news, I did the shifter rebuild while I was at it yesterday. It now feels absolutely delightful.

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