you think your only minion who’s trained to operate the equipment in one department quit and are freaking out because he doesn’t show up in the morning so you send him a passive aggressive text and he calls you back and says “sorry man, I was sick, I called in and left a message on [HUMAN RESOURCES’] voicemail saying I was sick, I’ve been puking for two days...” and then [HUMAN RESOURCES WHO IS ALSO THE BOSS’ WIFE], who has been freaking out that said minion quit without notification in the middle of the busiest season says “He left a voice mail?” and you say “yes, on your office phone” and [HUMAN RESOURCES] says “oh, well who know how that works. Thats why I didn’t get it”

maybe I’m just still wound up about this (I am), but some of the responses I’m getting seem to indicate that it might OK, or at least not surprising that the Human Resources person at a company that employs 20 people full time and over 60 seasonally wouldn’t know how to use the company voicemail.



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