That feeling something doesn't look quite right...

Yeah, how about nope? It kinda looks like they plopped an FJ cab on a mid 80's toyota truck chassis. That’s as much as I can figure out.


1974 Toyota land cruiser FJ Pickup I aquried it through a trade I don’t know much about these Toyota’s here’s what I do know about it is not a original FJ Pickup I’m not sure exactly what the frame is. Title says 1974 FJ , it has a 83 22R motor with recent head job including porting and polishing was told it also has a mild cam, it has LC header , Weber carburetor, holly Electric fuel pump.
It has 5 speed transmission that has been rebuilt and a new clutch.
Was told the axles are 488 gearing.
It had power steering and brakes.
Headlights, taillights and brake lights.
Heater works, windshield wipers work.
It runs great !! fires up instantly and drives good you can cruise 60 mph comfortably.
It has 2k just in new fuel rims and tires.
Fun and super rare rig a real head turner and you will get lots of comments.
$9500 OBO or possible part trade.

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