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That Flat Plane Crank V8 DOE! (GT350 Review)

You can have any car you want, just as long as the engine is an exciting one. And that is definitely the case with the GT350’s V8. There just is something about revving a V8 to VTEC levels without having to worry too much (footnote; some of the GT350’s consume oil, didn’t mention it in the review because it is a well-known issue, and the owner hasn’t had any issues with his at all).

When I got the chance to review this car I took it with both hands. It was one of the ones on the short list.

After driving it I am a believer. I have driven many mustangs now, but this was by far the most solid handling one. It lives up to the hype. And the sound? Oh yeah!


What does everyone else think about the GT350?

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