This guy. The one who sounds like a gear head, talks like a gear head and most likely, is a gear head. This guy, who every once in a while, will talk to you about this '93 5.0 Mustang he's interested in. What parts he would put on it. Maybe months later it's going to be a first Gen Miata he's into, or maybe even that cheap and cool looking early MR2, not far from home.

This particular guy as got some money on the side. He could afford these cars if he wanted to. And the way he talks about them, he definitely wants them. Anyway he talks about it all the time, so he's got to want them? No? At least one of 'em? Well, ''that'' gear head, is one of my closest friend. One of my few car buddies, with who I can talk cars for hours, and trust me, he knows what's up.

But you'll ask me - '' Well what's wrong, son? You've got a buddy who knows more about cars than 90% of people, goes to car events, read about cars daily and to his own words said ''cars were his passion''.

Well what's wrong, (which is honestly nothing that crazy bad but have always been grinding my gears) is that I know for sure as hell that he'll never get that '93 5.0, or this first Gen Miata, or this Mr2, or this late WRX or any others cars he shown any interest in.

He always had a defeat to not get it.

- '' It's the wrong color!''

- '' Open diff.......really...''

- '' I can't put no camping gear in the trunk bro!''

After years hearing these, and learning to knowing him even more, I threw the towel. It's never been a money issue for him, he had enough. Neither did he lacked space to put a car, he had space. He knew resourceful car people to help him. So he basically had anything you need to get a fun car. Why didn't he got one?


Maybe you're saying to yourself right know - '' Well man, who give a flying F about the fact that your friend is not getting the cars he was always daydreaming about? Who gives a damn if never gets one, maybe he's got other priorities?''

Maybe you're right, maybe not. Anyway I've still not figured this one out yet and I don't want to be hating on my boy, I love him to death. But the final question I want to ask, and I don't really know I to phrase this........but should these kind of gear head (assuming there's more than just my homeboy) should weight less than a gear head who had lived it. Someone who had talked the talk, and walked the walk. Somebody who put the money on the table. Who put blood, sweat and tears into a car he was passionate about he owned.

I know it might still sound weird, but hear me out. Let's say you meet another man. You're both mad hockey fans, you both know hockey like the bottom of your pockets. You know goddamn everything, stats, history, players, just name it. But you learn that this guy, who knows as much as you, at least on paper, has never put a pair of ice skates on, never of his life. Do you see where I'm going?


So lets say you meet my gear head friend at a car event years from now. You both start talking about cars, you both know a lot. You realized this guy never owned anything mildly interesting of his own life. He talked cars like it was his passion, but lived cars like they were just appliances. He lived his passion through others. Maybe because he was afraid for some reason to ever make a move, to get his dream, to finally step in, first person. As soon as you'd know that, would you have that little tickling? Would you wonder, ''Why I am even listening to this guy? He didn't never even tried to live his passion.'' Should he have the same importance as the one around who followed their dream?

Maybe I'm just a bit frustrated about it. I'm slowly realizing that I'm the only one around my group of friend that has got that level of passion about it. The only one that has gone all the way to live it, to get the car he wanted.

I know they are way worst things happening right know in the world than a disillusioned gear head like me. Wars are worst than that, way way worst. This is nothing. But it's my little issue lately.


''That'' gear head is still one my best buddy today. I realized right now he is never going to live it, I just know it. He is now the happy owner of a brand new car I'm not going to name. It's not a bad car, but definitely not something a car nut would buy as his only car. I just keep thinking about all the cars he always talked about, he probably could have all afforded them for the 20 something grand he put on the new one. But what is done is done. I'm probably going to hang around that buddy for a long time, he's a good dude, he's a keeper. And the next time we're going to the bar, there's probably going to be hours of car talk in front of us. But there will always be the fact, that I think be will never be a proper gear head, because he will have never lived it.

I know it was a hell of rant. It had been a while since I thought about sharing this story with you guys. Wondering what you would think about it. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. Let's the opinionated readers of Jalopnik and Oppo decide...