I was playing with the 2015 Mustang config. and a GT with the "GT Tack Pack" and the Recaro seats is over 37k. A similarity equipped 2014 would have been about 5 grand less....

EDIT!: I'm sorry I was wrong an equally equipped 2014 would have only been about 2k less. I can forgive that price increase considering how much better this new Stang will be.

On the plus side an Ecoboost with the "Ecoboost Performance Package"(upgraded suspension, brakes, cooling, Limited slip difff.,wheels, aluminum interior trim, and oil pressure, and boost gauges.) , and Recaros is under 30k.

Also you can have it in five actual colors. Green, yellow, blue, orange, and two shades of red,

Personally I think I'd go with Guard. although in most pics it look much more grey than in this one, or on Ford's website. If I didn't Guard in person than Comp Orange would be my second choice.