Had a project in my business class that involved us moving to a new city, picking a job, and getting a nice house. I picked Concord, NH and was looking at $1 million homes. This one for $1,275,000 showed up. Its incredible!

I first was pulled to the Maserati. Then the awesome Pontiac Grand Prix convertible (thanks Knowsaboutcars). But look in the corner! A Delorean! The Sonata in the back there doesn't count....

But the rest of the house is insane too. Seems like a steal for only $1.25 million.

5/4.5/5. Over 6,000 square feet. 2 kitchens, heliport(!), movie theatre, wine cellar, gym, and spa!



Link here. What do you think? I love it and it is really cheap for what it is! Find me a better home for that much!