This thing looks like a fish that belongs in the Alien movies. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I would pick one up if I saw it in the water. Photo is from the article on

A fisherman in waters north of New Zealand came across an odd-looking, translucent sea creature swimming on the surface. Curious, he caught the creature—presumably scooping it up with a net—to get a closer look.

It was described as a see-through, shrimp-like creature by the U.K. MailOnline.

"It felt scaly and was quite firm, almost jelly like, and you couldn't see anything inside aside from this orange little blob inside it," fisherman Stewart Fraser told MailOnline.

Mr. Fraser took pictures which were sent to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, U.K. where they identified it as a Salpa maggiore (Salpa maxima).

So Oppo, would you touch one of those? I for one would not, that thing creeps me out.