That is one expensive A-Class

I’ve already configured an A-Class how I would want it, and the result was a staggering $38k. It looks like the Mercedes dealer near me decided to select even more options, because the A-Class they have on their lot is even more expensive at a mind-numbing $45k!

The reason for my visit to the dealer website was to see if they had a 2013-2014 C300 for me to go drive, since I’m losing my mind and am thinking about one. While they were lacking a C300, I did stumble across this A-Class. I’ve been interested in the A-Class since I heard it was coming here because I really enjoyed the B180 I rented in Germany. While that car might be forbidden fruit, unless you are this person:


It might have a litany of options selected, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a FWD car with under 200 hp for $45k.

You know what you can get for that same money? A brand new C-Class, at the same dealer.


Who would buy this A-class when you can get a C-Class for just a bit more? It really makes no sense to me. If you want a Mercedes badge, why get the baby Benz when an actually good one is just a grand or two more? It’s utterly asinine.


Before you think I’ve completely and totally lost my mind, the same dealer has an Imola Red Z4M that I might go drive this weekend, since I’ve never driven an S54 powered vehicle.

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