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That last dealer visit before the warranty expires...

So the Odyssey is at almost 35k miles and Ive never had the privilegeof owning a car under factory warranty before. I have documentation from prior owners of my older cars that they would visit the dealership for every little thing, which Ive avoided so far. But with one free trip left, I want to make it my last one so I can switch to more DIY and indy work.

Speaking of DIY, I changed the tranny fluid a couple times (basically its a 12-quart tranny and the standard mo is to just drain & fill 3 quarts, repeated a couple times every 30k miles). I sent some engine oil to Blackstone Labs and it came back looking good (shocker: The Honda Maintenance Minderrecommends overly aggressive OCIs!). I tried to do everything I could that might expose a problem or issue, but so far, so good. Apart from the few minor nits below, is there anything else I should add to my list?

  • Exterior door trim on the B-pillar is coming apart again (already fixedonce under warranty). This is really just a design flaw on Hondas part they didnt build exterior trim pieces that actually wrap around the metal of the door frame, which almost everyone else does. Its just foamy tape barely holding on.
  • Weird squeak coming from near the A-pillar. Its structural, but hopefully just a couple panels rubbing. Minivans have the torsional rigidity of a refrigerator box.
  • Cupholders have rubber tonguestyle tabs on them to hold your drink in place. Most of ours are close to ripping completely off. Maybe its time to stop shoving 32oz Nalgenes in there.
  • Minor recall on the middle row sliding mechanism. If I could avoid getting it fixedI would because the fix is just to protect stupid people from themselves by adding complexity.
  • Possible brake warping, but its minor slight pedal and wheel vibration under light braking. Odysseys are known (infamous) for this. Maybe Ill score some free rotors. Wait, maybe scoreis the wrong word here.

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