When you're 7 hours away to get your car. You can't sleep anymore, your throat is dry, every 30 minutes feels like 2 hours, you make phone calls to the dealership to try to get the car earlier but say that they can't, then you just picture yourself in it and think about what you will do first...which friends you gonna visit first? Where you gonna go to show off with it? Where you gonna celebrate the arrival of your new baby? You re-imagine virtually in your head the exhaust note of the car. Then you just try and try and try again to sleep 'til 5 pm! ARGGGGHHH!!!!

On another note I trolled my BMW worshiping friends. They thought I was about to get a 135i w/M pack for the same price...but I stopped and thought about it. Why the hell would I take a car that is only fun when you press the gas, was badly maintained in the interior and had a HIGH mileage (soon to have EXPENSIVE issues)? I went back to my senses but I didn't say anything about it 'til today. Now I said that I was gonna get a Mustang GT 2010. The FB thread exploded with WHYYYYY WHY NO BIMMER??? YOU STILL IN MY REAR VIEW MIRROR! TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE! THIS IS NOT YOU PATRICK and bla bla bla. They took the bait. But it's gonna be even funnier in 6 hours and 24 minutes from now...or maybe not.