Somebody pulled up to me when I was waiting for a friend at school and he told me that he recognized my car from somewhere. I’m just staring at him like “say whaaa”. Not sure of he was a fellow Oppo or someone from YikYak. It’s good feeling to be noticed by a fellow enthusiast, though, The guy made my morning.

Btw last time I posted about my car it had to do with Transmission shudder, if anybody follows me in Instagram (aceconvoy) you would see that some friends and I drained the fluid and replaced the filter. Shudder is gone. Now my Turn signals won’t work.

Funny story I went to the Junkyard and pulled a similar part from a Town car from the same year... haha nope. Doesn’t work lke that, made the problem worse actually and now my High beam switch activates my normal low beams. Whoops