That moment when a family member does something stupid with cars....

Oh fuckity fuck fuck.

So my brother in law managed to accumulate a Colorado pickup and an early 90s Jaguar XJ in the last 2 years.

He doesn’t use the pickup at all. He would like to use the Jaguar, but it sits in his driveway, perpetually broken down.


He does want a car for himself, and wants something luxurious (hence the Jaguar) My sister and I thought that we convinced him to get rid of both and get a used Lexus (a late 90s LS or SC).

Today he bought an early 2000s Land Rover Discovery.He still didn’t sell the Jaguar or the pickup.

So if you’re on Staten island and see a man being chased around the block by his weapon-wielding wife, that might be my dumbass brother in law.

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