I’ve been having some (what I hope) are purely fuel pump relay issues lately with some intermittent no starts(one failed, cheated out so I could get a new one fast and tpit failed).

Someone on the front page pointed out a solid state relay to me with a 6 year warranty. I think the reason my last one failed is that the connection point for the relay is a little wiggly so I never got the old relay seated well until it failed. So tonight I figured out how to hold the connection point (I know it sounds easy but if you saw where the damn relay plugs in you’d feel my pain), got the new relay in, started up my car, and then sang the kill bill whistle and danced in the street next to my car until a lady walking her dog saw me.

I think a big part of my happiness is not putting a new relay in(that’s pretty Derp even if it’s in the hardest to reach place ever), but the fact that my no starts are hopefully not another bigger problem. I was going down some pretty elaborate diagnosis threads for the four days it took my relay to arrive in complete fear.