That moment you realize

Your car is old, and how sketchy old cars are.

So I have been looking into replacing my assorted brake/fuel lines, because my car is old. It looks like I had no idea what that really meant.


I am used to cars that are fuel injected, and require all kinds of special consideration to PSI and fittings and such. The Trans am? Rubber hose and squeeze clamps. Yeah. also, rubber hose that isn’t rated for ethanol in gas.


Now, I want to do this properly, for obvious reasons. This made vastly simpler, sure. Doesn’t make me feel any better.

interesting things to note: under the car the fuel line looks great. looks like the brake line shielded it from any corrosion. I won’t need to buy enough line to justify buying a 25' roll, so it looks like I will be buying whatever material the local auto parts store carries and never looking back. Nylon for sure for the vapor return, since it is both unnecessary and carbureted. But I am having difficulty with what kind of fittings I should use. I guess I cant just use hose clamps? Also, now I have a spot for my inline fuel filter.


I actually do think it was sitting in a field now, maybe some tall grass given the pattern and type of rust.

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