I finally got a new set of tires for my daily driver.

The tires that were on it before were some amazingly crappy “Milestar” brand tires. They actually had plenty of tread left in the centers but the shoulders on 3 of them were just gone, inside and outside... I’m not even sure how that happens. And no they weren’t under-inflated. I checked my pressures religiously. in fact for the last year or so I have actually been actually running them at about 38 psi vs the 32 recommended for my car, just trying to keep the shoulders from wearing down any faster.Plus somehow even though they were only 4 years old, they were already showing weather checking. Long story short State inspection is due next month, and this garbage would not have passed.

About the only good thing I can say about the old tires is that they were amazingly predictable. I just always expected them to slip and loose traction, and they always did. Rain, Snow, clean dry pavement, it didn’t matter. I mean I have a bone stock Civic and I could chirp the tires from a stop on clean dry pavement... and that’s not bragging on my car at all. Those tires were just awful.


The new tires that I ended up getting are BF Goodrich Sport Comp-2 A/S. I debated between these and the Michelin Pilot Sport a/s 3+. But after reading a bunch of reviews that compared both models, the BFG’s seemed like a better all around tire for where I live. And a bonus is that apparently they do rather decent in the snow. So living somewhere where every year there’s about even odds that it will even snow at all, having dedicated winter tires is really just not worth it. So having A/S tires that do alright in the snow is good enough for me.


It’s going to take me a while to get used to the extremely aggressive tread pattern though. These tires have super chunky tread blocks and almost look like an all terrain tire from the side profile.


So far the grip is already so much better though. It’s amazing how little my car understeers now, and just feels so much more composed all around. The only thing that really surprised me is how stiff they are. I mean i was already used to having a stiff ride with my old tires being over-inflated, but these new ones have an even firmer ride. And I’ll admit the first thing I did was check the pressure to see if maybe they over-inflated them, but they are spot on at 32psi. I guess that’s just the joy of a nice stiff sidewall.

Anyway I absolutely love these tires so far, and I can’t wait to get some miles on them.