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That One Auto Loan Question I Never Seem to Find an Answer For...

Google-Fu, you have failed me.

My question is really quite simple, yet I don’t understand why the answer is so evasive?

Does the resale value of a vehicle work into the equasion when applying for an auto loan, on a brand new car? Will it affect the interest rate, or approval, etc?

In consideration right now is the 2017 Elantra SE Value Edition, the Civic EX-T, and the Fit EX. The Fit being the only vehicle I haven’t driven yet.

I know the Civic and Fit will have far better resale value, but the Civic is the more expensive of the three, and the Fit is not as well equipped but about the same price as the Elantra. But all things considered, if the Civic can net me better terms, I might be willing to stretch that extra $2k or so in purchase price for the better car.


I plan on keeping the vehicle for the long-term.

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