It has 3 factors: Wet corner, rwd truck/empty, hammering the gas.

It was 10:30pm on a Tuesday night, I was coming from a friends house (was not drinking). I decided to take side roads, I knew this side road very well. The road speed was 80kph, the turn was posted 60kph. It just finished raining, so the road was still wet.

I’m coming out the corners and the back end kicks out, I over correct. The left front wheel hits the ditch and caused it to roll at 80kph. Mid air the front bumper hits a tree (dent in picture below), then it lands on it roof. I don’t recall much past this point as it was a blur. I try to open the driver side door but it has non, I open the passeneger side door enough to get out. There is house across the from the scene, the owner hears it and runs out. It was my high school math teacher (damn small town). He pulls his truck in front with his 4 ways on, and brings me a bottle of water.


I call my mom, and tell her I just rolled her truck. Great. She asked if I’m not hurt, I tell her I think not. A police car arrives a few minutes later, now the fun begins. The cop talks my math teacher for his story. I give him my story once my mom arrives (I was not 18 yet). I watch as he is filling out paper work, hoping I don’t get it too bad. It was stunt driving originally (major offense) but was lowered in court to “failure to stay in lane” (minor offense). The insurance estimator stopped counting after $14k.

I walked away with a small cut on my hand.