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That one time I won a signed Porsche Le Mans poster

Some time after Porsche scored a one-two in the LMGTE Pro class of Le Mans this year, they held a raffle on Facebook for 10 celebratory posters, all signed by the drivers. In an astonishing turn of events (life at the time decided to take a massive shit on me, not like it's let up much), I was informed by Porsche that I had won one of the posters. I suppose all the objects and people around me when I received that email were lucky that I wasn't drinking anything... With name and address duly supplied this package was sent off to me... this is it on arrival a month later. Yes, you can see my real name there.


The poster itself. Nice and big, although I had to go and buy some poster strips to hold it up.

Card advertising the GT3 that came with the poster.


Well, not just an ad for the GT3 after all. Well, I couldn't have come up with anything better to say either.

The poster is now on my wall. Of course, I suppose it would be worth more if it had stayed in the packaging, but that's really no fun, right?

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