That one time I wrote a short song about a mouse and lost it due to a power surge.

I am a city person, and beyond any symbolism that some loud people want to attach to it, the truth is that city folk do live in a different environment than people living in rural communities. Is it a better environment? Its not for me to say...


During summer time I spend time in my grandparent´s village, in and of itself quite an experience, and as someone that lives in a city the rest of the year you get to see some things that don´t make sense like no traffic, a united community and animals of many sorts.


Feel welcomed to “Insomnia with The aspiring engineer!” (or Shitposting with the aspiring engineer at more normal hours) where I post stupid shit that happens in my weird life and how my weird mind copes with it!

Full disclosure: I write this anecdote at 3:42 AM on a Friday morning after waking up due to a bad dream. did it have something to do with emptying a bottle and a half of wine with an ex a few days ago? hopefully fucking not! 

Since I live in an apartment building I don´t get to see mice often, if anything I only see them from a distance at the building site, as our boots hit the concrete and the rebar you can see them run away in flocks. The first time I got to see a mouse up front and near me was at my grandparent´s house when I wrote the song.


It all happen because, in short, I’m an idiot. I set up a doctor’s appointment in Santiago De Compostela at 8:00AM because I had forgotten it was a 2 hour trip from the village. Once I realized this I too realized that I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning in order to make it there at least presentable. Waking up at 5:30 is hard enough already, but as soon as I woke up and walked over to the bathroom a huge spider just crawled in front of me, to which I thought “I have no time to deal with you.” So I shut the door and made my way to another bathroom down the hall. I opened the door and walked inside before turning on the light, this was the mistake. Once I turned it on I saw this tiny creature, a light grey mouse that was terrified of me and stood in absolute shock, I moved a bit towards the door and the motherfucker started running in circles around the entire room until it tried to jump into one of the heater vents (which was chewed half off)

But get this, the fucking mouse was so fat that it didn’t fit through the damn vent! After jumping in a couple of times without any success it just looked at me in the eyes with a look of absolute despair... well.. as much as the tiny face of a mouse can let one interpret its feelings. I slowly walked out of the room making sure the mouse did not escape and headed to the kitchen to get a bowl or something to trap the spider that wondered around in the other bathroom.


Once I solved the easier situation of the two, I grabbed a piece of paper, wrote “Fat mouse here” and posted it on the door so to let the other occupants of the house know what awaited them on the other side of the door. Due to all the mess that the mammal and arachnid caused, it was becoming too late, so I grabbed fruit for breakfast and headed to the car and turned on the heated seats. You see the sun was rising but the temperature was still quite low for summer at around 5c.

The mouse took over my mind, I couldn’t think about anything else during the entire 2 hour long dash to Santiago. I remember just arriving to the office, quickly pulling out my phone and typing it on the note pad. Just to move it over to my computer and proceeding to typing it in Microsoft Word once I got back home. Shamefully my computer crapped out yesterday and took the song with it. I scoured all my messages, all the data on the cloud in search for the song and I finally found it an hour after starting typing this post. It is perhaps too short to be considered a song, but still.. that’s the shock of seeing a mouse from a distance of less than a meter for the first time in your life at age 19.

Now that you’ve made me run away

I stare cold into your smile

But I can’t see a thing

Past that hazardous imagery

Where should I go

Where should I go now?

Now that i’m gone

Now that i’m gone who will you pesticide…?

Now that I have abandoned my home

You lit fire on all that I loved 

Is it true that you can’t stand

The memories of you & I?

But where should I go

Where should I go now?

Under a tree? 

Under a bench,is this what you want…?

Now that I’ve ran away

I won’t stare into your cold smile

I will find warmth somewhere else

I will find it far away from you.

So what will you do? 

What will you do now? 

Get another pest? 

Get another home? 

But can you?

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