That One Time Renault Painted Méganes Like F1 Cars

Remember these ? Back in 2012, Renault made four special Renault Sport Méganes with paint jobs inspired by the liveries of the F1 teams then powered by Renault : Williams, Lotus, Caterham and Red Bull. Yes, that means there is somewhere in this world a John Player Special Mégane RS. It doesn't get much better than that, people.


The cars were otherwise standard Mégane RS 265's, and that means (according to pretty much every car magazine ever) that they're among the best hot hatches ever made.


Alas, they were merely show cars and never spawned production versions of any kind. Cue sad bunny .gif or something. The Red Bull one sort of did, however, with the 2013 limited-edition Mégane RS Red Bull Racing RB8. That one actually enjoyed a little success as it offered a lot of extra kit for less money than an similarly specced standard model, and it had a cool dark blue and white paint job. Here it is getting photographed next to some blonde PR guy.

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