I mentioned that I went to another meet in the last post I did. If I didn't I apologize for lying, if you didn't read my previous post all is well. You just missed a pretty neat car-meet video put to some tunes. (Or a horrible one depending on your personal preference).

The second meet pretty much started to break up soon after I got there. I did not get the amount of static shots I wanted to get in order to get a solid music segment in. But I did capture some cars leaving.

And this begs the question. I really like the music portion of these type of videos. That is why I started doing it for my Friday Night videos. But while I let the exhaust notes of some cars driving by shine trough if it is during a slower part of the music I prefer to just cut it out completely when cars really get on it.

My cars and coffee videos have never gotten the music treatment, and I don't think they ever will. I find it looses it's luster with music. Whereas I think the Friday night videos are boring without it. I wonder why I feel that way.

At any rate, the second part of the video is my favorite part. Sure, it is dark so the cars do not show as much detail as they would under good lighting conditions. But the sound they make...