Couldn’t even use it for a demo derby. It was free because it had an overheating problem (wiring to the fans was shot), so I never looked under it when I took it. I mean, it was free but the guy was still DDing it so, it couldn’t be that bad. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday while taking it for a lap around the block to shake it down, it started making a clunking noise off the line. Jacked it up and was greeted by this:

The front subframe/engine cradle has rotted through, and the passenger side has separated from the rest of it. The body and rest of the floors are fairly rust free. It’s all contained to the engine cradle. But a new cradle is $750 and that’s not including bushings/mounts/lines. That’s more than a Pacifica is worth. Oh well, guess we’ll hoon it at the abandoned quarry and scrap it when it dies.