So the cobalt has been sitting in the driveway for the past few months because both front tires are flat and we haven’t had the money for new ones. So we have been surviving with just the explorer. Well we were going to get new front tires today but I pulled the front right off last night and found these


I figured it was flat because of the hole in the sidewall which I’m sure is the primary cause but wow. And I’m assuming the front left also has cracks in it cause that’s flat without any visible holes or damage but I can’t get it off cause the morons at discount tire over-torqued the lugnuts last time they rotated the tires.

Luckily I have a line on a used set of wheels and tires up in Milwaukee for what I think is a fair deal. And the set has two good tires so I just have to swap the two good tires I have now onto the new-to-me wheels with two bad tires and baby gets new shoes

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