I give you a truck that, to my recollection, about which nobody said shit . This is the ‘97 S-10 I once owned with the ZQ8 package, step-side bed. 4.3 liter V6, 195hp/250tq, automatic, 23mpg. Had a 2nd intake gasket, 2nd alternator and 2nd wiring harness with a new first-time electrical smelling problem by 75,000 miles, and not a single asshole bullshitted about how it was a truck for pussies and because it couldn’t go offroad that it wasn’t a real truck.

I needed a truck, and this sucker did fantastic in all of my truck needs in my life over the 7 years I owned it. Not once did I ever have a desire to go off road or up a mountain pass trail. I put snow tires on this with steelies and took it to snowboard at Whiteface mountain every other day for two whole winters back in the day (Lake placid) when I worked out there, all winter, and no problem with that. I overloaded it with gravel for home projects, overloaded it with phonebooks to deliver when I was jobless, and fulfilled everything I required, except for the reliability and the underside rust (not pictured).

So Why do I mention all of this? Because some folks out there have a problem with a truck that doesn’t look like a truck should or drive like a truck should or off-road like a truck should.

In the last fifteen years, aparently an entire perspective of what a truck should be like has been injected with steroids and terrible fantasy action movie scenes. In the movie below, we see three trucks matched up against my Chevy S-10 ZQ8 sport package truck.

Learned understanding: Not everyone’s requirement for a truck has to be based on how many balls it has or if their balls are made of steel or how well it does up a mountain pass, but more of how well it does the jobs you need to do. Right away we can see the purpose each truck is built for and where it excels.


This is testing up a mountain trail with exposed rocks and dips that will pick up wheels, and bash oil pans, exhausts, driveshafts, where the Ridgeline S-10 ZQ8 package truck overheats the transmission on the way up. Of course it did. Know why? Because it’s not built for going up mountain trails at high altitude. It’s built for everything I’ve ever had to do with a truck in my life.

Why does anyone in town need a mountain crawling truck? I don’t. Which brings me to the next video below by our good Jalopnik ministers of information.

In this, they tow a mustang on a flat-bed around theAppalacians. It does just fine and accomplishes the job worry free. That’s my truck doing exactly what I need it to do. It looks like a truck to me. Looks like it’s doing truck work to me. Oh WOW! Is that someone NOT climbing mountain trails?


They must be communists.